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What is Swedigarch?

Swedigarch is a digital research infrastructure currently under development from 2022 to 2027. The primary objective is to enable data-driven analyses on archaeological information through greater interconnectivity between datasets, collections, records, and resources held by participating and associated organisations. The overarching goal is to facilitate greater usefulness of this information for data-driven analyses.

About Swedigarch

Swedigarch is not a standalone “database” or “web platform.” Instead, it serves as a digital infrastructure that connects various nodes within the digital landscape. By doing so, it allows for more efficient and expedient access to data that would otherwise remain isolated. The development process ensures that multiple entryways are created to cater to diverse user needs.

Archaeological data is inherently complex and heterogeneous, encompassing information about both historic and prehistoric sites and artefacts. Moreover, it includes documentation from excavations and surveys, as well as scientific analyses performed on natural and cultural materials. Presently, this data is scattered across different locations and organisations. However, by adhering to the FAIR data principles and utilising linked data, Swedigarch aims to reintegrate these fragmented parts into a cohesive whole. This integration enables a more comprehensive study of human and environmental history, thereby contributing to the promotion of a sustainable future.