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To get in touch with Swedigarch, please contact our Coordinator Helena Hulth, or send an e-mail to Questions? Reach out via our Support page, or check if your question is already answered in our FAQ.

Director: Karl-Johan Lindholm, Uppsala University;
Coordinator: Helena Hulth, Uppsala University;

Data Mobilisation Beyond FAIR Principles – SOCH
Åsa Larsson, Swedish National Heritage Board;
Elin Fornander, National Historical Museums;

Archaeological Excavation and Geodata – AGES
Daniel Löwenborg, Uppsala University;

Archaeological Science Research Data – SEAD
Philip Buckland, Umeå University;
Ershad Gholamrezaie, Umeå University;

Archaeological Science Research Data – Arch Lab
Kerstin Lidén, Stockholm University;

Archaeological Science Research Data – SciLifeLab
Magnus Lundgren, SciLifeLab, Uppsala University;

Cutting Edge and Future Data – Dynamic Collections
Nicolò Dell’Unto, Lund University;

Outreach and Societal Impact
Eva Svensson, Karlstad University;
Christian Isendahl, University of Gothenburg;
Federica Sulas, University of Gothenburg;