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The Swedigarch Organisation 

The highest decision-making body of Swedigarch is the steering group. The operational responsibility is held by the management group under the leadership of the consortium’s director, assisted by a coordinator. The management group is composed of module leaders and representatives from all participating parties. The Partners’ Council consists of a representative from each party in the consortium, along with the council’s secretary from Uppsala University.  

Swedigarch organisation structure.

Swedigarch is being implemented through six modules: 


  • M1 leads and coordinates the infrastructure,
  • M2 develops data aggregation functions and access through online interfaces and APIs according to the FAIR principles, 
  • M3 covers data from archaeological excavations and provides digitization pipelines,  
  • M4 ensures the availability and integration of interdisciplinary analysis data from archaeological science,  
  • M5 cater for cutting edge and future archaeological data, including photogrammetry, laser scanning, spectroscopy, imaging, molecular, synchrotron and neutron methods, 
  • M6 ensures impact and societal value through communication, user support, outreach activities and stakeholder interaction.