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What data does Swedigarch have?

The data available through Swedigarch will expand throughout the development phase, as it forms part of our deliverables. Some data is already accessible though services that will be further developed to align with Swedigarch’s goals for FAIR and linked archaeological data.

The current data within Swedigarch includes:

  • Results from scientific and laborative analyses on archaeological materials, such as paleo-botany, pollen, paleo-entomology, geoarchaeology, ceramic analysis, isotopes, and dendrochronology.
  • Geodata acquired from archaeological excavations and surveys.
  • 3D documentation of artefacts, sites and excavations.
  • Information about artefacts and archival materials from various Swedish collections, presented as metadata, links and media.
  • Information about ancient and historical sites and buildings, also available in the form of metadata, links and media.