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Jeffrey H. Altshcul & Keith Kintigh: The Coalition for Archaeological Synthesis: Expanding knowledge of the past to shape a more secure and just future

Wednesday 14 December 2023, from 16.30-17.30 (Sweden GMT+1)

Swedigarch Inspirational Lecture #1

On Wednesday 14 December, from 16.30-17.30, we will host our first Swedigarch guest lecture. Our guests are professors Jeffrey H. Altshcul & Keith Kintigh ( and, Center for Collaborative Synthesis in Archaeology, CCSA ( Professors Altschul and Kintigh are experts on, and the CCSA specializes in, research connecting the archaeological record to contemporary issues in the environment and society. Altschul and Kintigh are co-authors of the paper Grand Challenges for Archaeology.

Center for Collaborative Synthesis in Archaeology

In their presentation they will present some cases from their research about using the past for a more sustainable future. We can also look forward to an opportunity for discussion about the possibilities of using archaeology to meet the challenges of sustainable development.

Please join on the zoom-link (Meeting ID: 649 1698 4442)