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Key figures in the SweDigArch consortium – contact any for more information

Professor Karl-Johan Lindholm IHOPE (UU) has over 20 years of experience of interdisciplinary research applying integrated landscape analysis and GIS for addressing the past-present-future continuum. Dr. Daniel Löwenborg (UU) Researcher in Archaeology and GIS, PI Urdar – Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Excavation Data. Dr. Åsa Larsson (NHB) former Director of SAU, developer of digitalised processes for heritage data, co-PI Urdar. Dr. Gísli Pálsson (UU) expert in archaeoinformatics and geoinformatics, lead technical developer in Urdar. Associate Professor Daniel Primetzhofer (UU) Head of Tandem Laboratory. Associate Professor Philip Buckland FRES (UMU) Director of the Environmental Archaeology Lab, designer of SEAD, with over 20 years experience creating and using archaeological and palaeoecological databases. Associate Professor Nicolò Dell’unto (LU) Director of Digital Archaeology Laboratory (DARKLab) and Head of the division of Archaeology with over 20 years experience of 3D visualization and digital research. Dr. Björn Nilsson (LU) Senior Researcher, coordinator LUARCH, Fellow of Lund Institute of Advanced Neutron and X-Ray Science-LINXS. Associate Professor Christina Fredengren (NHM) Head of Research and Development, with expertise in Environmental Humanities and the use of archaeology and heritage for sustainable development. Dr. Elisabet Regner (NHM) Head of Archaeological Collections. Professor Eva Svensson (KAU) expert in long-term socio-ecological approaches in landscape research and the use of heritage for sustainable development. Member of the JPI Cultural Heritage Scientific Board. Associate Professor Jan Haas (KAU) Head of Geomatics with expertise in multispectral/radar remote sensing, photogrammetry, data classification and geodata. Professor Christian Isendahl’s (GU) expert on long-term sustainability and resilience, applying a historical ecological lens to examine archaeology’s potential practical insights into contemporary challenges. Professor Kerstin Lidén (SU) Head of Section: Archaeological Science, expert in archaeological Science and particularly diet, mobility and diseases through human and faunal skeletal remains. Member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences. Associate Professor Sven Isaksson (SU) expert in isotopes and biomolecular archaeology and in particular long-term changes in cultures of food and subsistence. Dr. Magnus Lundgren, Head of Facility, SciLifeLab Ancient DNA facility with a background as a molecular biology research group leader. Professor Anders Götherström (SU) Molecular Archaeology, Director of the SciLifeLab Ancient DNA facility, initiator of the Centre for Palaeogenetics in Stockholm. Roger Mähler (UMU) has over 20 years of systems and database development from academia and industry, and is in Humlab’s management team. Johan von Boer (UMU) has over 15 years experience of systems and interface development.

Contact: svedigark(at)