21 Partners, 8 Organizations

Uppsala University (UU): Department of Archaeology and Ancient History (UU-AAH), the Tandem laboratory (UU-TL), Centre for Digital Humanities (UU-CDH), SciLifeLab Ancient DNA (UU-SLL)

UmeƄ University (UMU): The Environmental Archaeological Lab (UMU-MAL), Humlab (UMU-Humlab)

Lund University (LU): Department of Archaeology and Ancient History (LU-AAH), Lund University Digital Archaeology Laboratory (LU-DARKLab), Lund University Humanities Laboratory (LU-Humlab), Lund University aviation School (LU-AS)

Swedish National Heritage Board (NHB): Units of Heritage Studio (NHB-HSt), Heritage Science (NHB-HSc), Heritage Data (NHB-HD) and Systems Development (NHB-SD)

Stockholm University (SU): Archaeological Research Laboratory (SU-AFL), SciLifeLab Ancient DNA (SU-SLL)

Karlstad University (KAU): Centre for Research on Sustainable Societal Transformation (KAU-CRS); Department of Political, Historical, Religious, Cultural Studies and Department of Environmental and Life Sciences, Geomatics (KAU-CRS).

University of Gothenburg (GU): Department of Historical Studies, Archaeology (GU-HSA)

National Historical Museums (NHM): Department of Collections and Research (NHM-CR), Department of Digitization and IT (NHM-DIT).