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Swedish National Infrastructure for Digital Archaeology

Illustration of the loss of information over time in archaeology

Swedigarch is now funded by the Swedish Research Council and partner organisations. We are under construction and more information will follow soon on this website.

Swedigarch, the Swedish National Infrastructure for Digital Archaeology, will catalyse a new generation of data-intensive interdisciplinary research on long-term human-environmental dynamics, to address present and future challenges in landscape and resource management.

Swedigarch will facilitate the production of aggregated and harmonised datasets, previously unmatched in scope, fulfilling the demands for cutting-edge integrative, interdisciplinary research on long-term socio-environmental dynamics.  Swedigarch will enable new approaches for digital methods, reinvent archaeological research agendas, and ensure that Swedish archaeology is part of the data science revolution.

Swedigarch will target researchers undertaking complex analyses of past environments and demographics, to contribute to the understanding of long-term human-environmental dynamics and sustainable development. Another userbase will be archaeologists creating or seeking integrated datasets from excavations, prospection and landscape surveys and other sampling situations. Swedigarch aims to provide the full range of archaeological, palaeoecological and eventually heritage science data. Our endeavour is to become the standard tool for users of all archaeological data, such as researchers, heritage managers, developers and planners.